Raising awareness that lifelike dolls provide comfort and joy to people with Alzheimer’s

Who We Are

We are a small nonprofit that has been gaining momentum in the Alzheimer’s community. We currently have 99 Alzheimer’s Care Centers who use our dolls and also serve individual families. Our dolls are also being used in Hospice care and when a mother has lost a child. An exciting thing to tell you is that Dolls4Alzheimer’s is now debt free. Any donations go to purchase dolls, kits and related items. No salaries are paid. This is a ministry of love. Your purchase of a doll goes to buy next doll or related items.

Our Dolls

At Dolls4Alzheimers, we make lifelike dolls available to all people with Alzheimer’s. We are open to any individual requests as well as large and small Care Centers and Hospices. Each doll only costs $85.00 with an additional $25.00 Shipping Fee.

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Why Dolls4Alzheimers?

Why Dolls4Alzheimers?

Before Opening My Online Shops and becoming Involved with Jacque and Dolls4Alzheimers I Was a Nursing Aid Specializing In Alzheimers Care. In Charge Of A Group Called Re-Socialization which was meant to help Maintain day to Day Living Skills In a Loving Compassionate...

Things as we go through Covid19

We can no longer visit Our loved ones in person this causes us nuch distress and Can Only Pray that the Ability to no longer Remember Me keeps my Loved one from Feeling this same Distress. I miss our long jumbled Talks of things that are no longer. And in its...

Big Dolls, Small Dolls…

Big Dolls, Small Dolls…

Dolls, big dolls, small dolls, all at a doll party. What a doll party. I had the prettiest nursery in town and as I do with people I take them in not worrying where they will sleep. So if you are looking for me look no farther than between doll rooms. Goal is to get...


Alzheimer’s and Dementia are cruel, causing loneliness, bringing comfort with a simple doll a blessing. I have seen it first hand and it was precious indeed. A cause like this is a blessing and indeed a worthy. May God Bless each one involved! ❤️
Jennifer Good

This wonderful group is a blessing to everyone with Alzheimer’s and their families!
Kaley Marie

It is a wonderful non profit organization that gives baby dolls to patients with Alzeheimers disease

Tamar Alvarez

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