Dolls, big dolls, small dolls, all at a doll party. What a doll party. I had the prettiest nursery in town and as I do with people I take them in not worrying where they will sleep. So if you are looking for me look no farther than between doll rooms. Goal is to get new cases up that won’t destroy the pretty nursery but will add space to display more and let you all see what is available. Mostly the Lee Middleton dolls but some others. I am not a reborn artist. Not for lack of trying. I think I am one of those take a class kind of learners. However, that being said, I do a very fine job of bringing them to life. I use them mostly for people with Alzheimer’s so like them to be realistic and lovable. Having sent out over 800 I think people have been pleased. My dolls will all cost $100.00 they may have original outfit or a new outfit to make them easier to love. There will be no shipping fee. If you want your doll painted it will be additional fee of $15.00. This will give some people a chance to have a Jacque Reborn and a Lee Middleton at same time. Outfits can be purchased separately. Wish me luck and continue to follow Dolls4Alzheimers on Facebook. We are a nonprofit and donations are appreciated.