Who We Are

We are a small nonprofit that has been gaining momentum in the Alzheimer’s community. We currently have 99 Alzheimer’s Care Centers who use our dolls and also serve individual families. Our dolls are also being used in Hospice care and when a mother has lost a child. An exciting thing to tell you is that Dolls4Alzheimer’s is now debt free. Any donations go to purchase dolls, kits and related items. No salaries are paid. This is a ministry of love. Your purchase of a doll goes to buy next doll or related items.

Our purpose is to raise awareness of the fact that lifelike dolls provide comfort and joy to people with Alzheimer’s. We do this by making lifelike dolls available to Alzheimer’s Care Centers and individuals.

How We Began

Dolls4Alzheimers is a Nonprofit I started in 2007. I had a doll shop. As people came in to see the dolls I noticed a pattern. When someone just sat and held the doll they were comforted. As we talked they had usually just lost a child or spouse or were in early stage Alzheimer’s. I could not bear to take the doll away.

I noticed as the women held their dolls they become real to them. Some of them have been mourning that their baby was ” lost”. They will often use the name of one of their children. They are being used more in Alzheimer’s Communities, especially by Brookdale Senior Living. The women enjoy showing off their babies, caring for them and comforting them.

I felt this emptiness they felt I wanted to do something to help them at this difficult time. So I learned how to start a Nonprofit.

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