Watching The Two Men In My Life Suffer

The Difference Between Women With Alzheimers and Men

I watch My Husband Die A Little Bit each day
as He watches his Diddi 
as he is called Disappear each day! 
I see the  Guilt on his faceas he makes 
Cause you see his Daddy is a master Carpenter and since my 
husband was 5 he has learned the trade from his daddy, 
it began with painting closets and moved to being 
Partners in Business years ago.
 So Now the master Carpenter is one!! He goes to his daddies 
house and fixes things he tears up ,
 like wiring ,drawers,stairs, my husband is happy to repair if 
not for the look on his daddies face as he does it.
An Avid Fisherman he know longer remembers  how to put line on his pole. 
Everything he did with my husband is dying!!